Signs increase business as much as 150%

Signs increase business as much as 150%

“According to a study by the Small Business Administration (SBA), effective signs can increase business by as much as 150%. Customers pick up important visual cues about your business during brief interactions as they pass your signage on a highway, along a street, or in a mall concourse.” Aug 17, 2023

Five-plus years ago, Imagine acquired Global Signs USA, a regional sign company that specializes in a variety of signage: Retail, Outdoor, Digital, Monument, Residential, Vehicle Wraps, and much more. This acquisition was a natural extension of our core business.

Proper signage and point-of-sale (POS) materials can help increase sales and impulse buys dramatically. Using in-store visual triggers effectively may increase your sales by up to 29.5% since attention equals opportunity and unplanned purchases.

A FedEx survey found that almost eight in 10 (76%) American consumers enter a store they have never visited based on its signs, and nearly seven in 10 (68%) have actually purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.

Consider your new placements, specials, brand/product information, and more. Here are five reasons to utilize signage, your silent salesperson, diligently:

Increase Foot Traffic - Window and digital signage are great marketing tools
Inform Your Customers - Show features, benefits, construction, and unique elements of the product or group you’re promoting. Table Tents and floor stands do this very well.

Bolster Sales - If customers are aware of specials, price drops or BOGO sales, they’re more likely to spend more. Plus, you can direct customers toward advertised items or promotions and encourage them to buy, or add on to an existing ticket.

Solidifying Your Brand - Colors, font, and imagery cement branding in the customer’s mind and make your store and your products stand out from the competition.

Accentuate Your Positives - Reinforce your Community commitment, Sustainability, Sales, Service, and e-commerce options. Tell your store’s brand story in a way that only you can.

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